Sabotage Laser games are fun with friends, work colleagues, family and are suitable for all occasions.
Play Call Of Duty style games; but for real in our private woodland Activity Centre.

You can take aim and fire from up to 200 metres away using one of our harmless laser weapons with unlimited ammo.

Sabotage Laser uses harmless infra-red technology to register hits on your enemy rather than an actual projectile. We have invested in the very latest technology to bring you compact rifles that are designed for anyone aged 9+. Our laser taggers have an effective range of over 200 meters, keep you informed of how much ammunition you have and how many lives you have left. When someone is tagged they will hear a loud ‘arrrrrr’; if they are eliminated they will hear the dreaded ‘medic, medic man down’!

Sabotage Outdoor Laser is perfect for schools, corporate events, Scouts, Youth Groups, birthday parties, family outings and incentive days.


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So what do you get?

  • Three Hour session
  • 6-9 action-packed games.
  • Variety of Game Maps
  • Variety of Game Formats
  • Supervision & tuition by Sabotage staff
  • Camouflaged Battle-suit
  • Variety of
  • Red Dot Scopes
  • Laser sensor headband
  • Water

Unlimited Ammo, No Mask, No Bruises!

Office: 01908 586809

Activity Centre Mobile: 07597059167